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GBB is partnered with the Girls mentorship ministry SMM.

Serving My Master is a ministry for girls in Grades 1-6.  SMM began in 1913 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mary Bauman started a special club for the girls in her church. She loved all of the girls and wanted them to grow up to know Jesus. They called their club the "Sisterhood of Mary and Martha."

Little did Mary know that her idea would one day include thousands of girls.

To learn more about SMM, visit http://nationalsmm.org/.

Girls of Faith is a ministry for girls in grades 7-12, sponsored by Women of Grace.  Making the right choices is hard and often confusing, especially for girls who live in a world where the truth is being covered over with the world’s lies. Girls of Faith can help you pass on to junior and senior high girls the truth to guide them through the challenges of their teen years. Together you will examine topics of interest to teens while uncovering the world’s lies vs. God’s truth, studying the life of a woman of the Bible who dealt with the same issue, and taking personal steps to make the truth a guidepost for life.


To learn more about Girls of Faith, visit http://www.wgusa.org/GirlsofFaith.html.

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